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[PREMIUM] Anik Signal – Facebook Ad Academy

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Jul 12, 2020

What is an FB Academy? FB Academy is the best video training course that helps you to generate leads through Facebook ads. I’ve given you all the information to allow you to make the right choices. I will show you everything you should know and what to do to begin traffic driving to your product line or website. It is the best source for getting customers you have to find the exact sites. It can create your audience, build the ad, throw budget, and publish the ad. This training course will teach all the techniques to make your Facebook business account tap into the customer-rich market. This course will allow you to learn new strategies to improve your business and take it to the next level.

How Does an FB Academy Work?

FB Academy will make you improve your business without spending tons of money on advertising. The good thing is that you will get to watch the interviews with the greatest in paid advertising. It is useful to learn about the experiences of those who are experts in the social media field.

In this course, I’ll help you to drive high-converting profitable traffic from Facebook to your funnels, website, and whatever is your online presence. This training course will improve your learning experience and improve your skills.

I believe this approach because you have to win the buyer’s trust before providing them something to purchase. This training course helps you with a step by step method which enhances your Facebook marketing with the Facebook Legend and access to his case studies. Here, you can create your online presence and use Facebook Marketing.

Here, all the nine modules of FB Academy:

Getting Started With Facebook Ads: This module includes seven lessons such as Why Facebook Ads Are Terrific, How Facebook Ads Work, Overview Of The 5 Steps, etc. Choose The Right Objectives, The Importance Of Compliance. The download is also a part of it.

Module 1: Action Guide, Module 1: Quiz.

Module 2 – The Funnel: The funnel will help you master your internet marketing for success.

Module 3 – Landing Page: In this module, you will discover the value of the landing pages as well as the process of building it.

Module 4 – The Ad: In the Ad module, you will learn how to develop the exact ad.

Module 5 – Targeting: In the fifth module, you will discover how to target the correct people on the site.

Module 6 – Optimization: Here, you will learn how to use optimization techniques.

Module 7 – Advanced Strategies: You will discover several advanced strategies on Facebook marketing.

Module 8 – Certification: In this module, you can have the credentials that provide great competition.

Module 9 – Nuts And Bolts: This module contains the Getting A Facebook Business Account, How To Set Up Campaigns, How To Set Up Your Ads, How To Install The Facebook Pixel, How To Use The Facebook Power Editor, etc.

FB Academy Training Replays: It is the business training of FB Academy in the form of Audio, Webinars, Periodic Personal Coaching, Evaluation, and Visual Presentations


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