• Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Ben Pakulski (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder) has outdone himself this time. MI40X is different to other programs because of its unique Cell Expansion Protocol Training (CEP) and Interset Stretching (more advanced than it sounds). These new techniques were invented by Ben and helped him to get to where he is today – on the cover of Flex magazine and more.

As I mentioned above, it is proven that MI40X can give you size and strength gains 200% higher than from your average training program. The University of Tampa did a study on 20 resistance trained males comparing their regular training with MI40X training and the results were astounding.

MI40X Muscle
MI40X Strength

Muscle gain was far higher when using MI40X (10-11lb after 40 days), the people using MI40X even lost fat too (3lb) and strength gains were practically extreme for the guys using MI40X – 120lb on the leg press and 25lb on the bench. Take a look at the results for yourself, and even read the study for yourself if you like.

What Does CEP and Interset Stretching Involve?

In overly simple terms, it involves immediately stretching the target muscle between sets while contracting the opposing muscles hard to help pump the muscle full of blood and Myosatellite Cells (muscle repair cells). There is more technique to it, which is learned easiest by watching Ben explain on video.

The Full System

As pictured to the top right, the full system includes:

  • CEP Rapid Start Action Plan – Get started in 5 minutes
  • CEP Practical Application Guide – Converting theory into practice
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • FAQ Guide
  • Printable Workout Sheets
  • 7 Day Primer Phase – Perfecting your form
  • 7 Day Detox Diet
  • The Exercise Execution Guide
  • The CEP Training Blueprint
  • CEP Instruction and Workout Videos


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