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[PREMIUM] Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) – Marketing Inc

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Jul 14, 2020

The Internet seems like a very easy platform for making money, doesn’t it? You just build a website, offer a cool product, wait for people to visit and buy it, and voila! you make money.

You don’t need employees, and you don’t even have to constantly monitor everything that goes on in your website. You can make lots of money even while you’re sipping champagne at the beach, while your automated website does all the work for you.

If only it’s this easy, then the world would be a better place, at least for us. The problem is, you’re not the only one who thought it would be this easy, so you have a lot more competition than you think. Whatever it is you’re selling, hundreds and even thousands of other people are selling it too.

And you probably never even thought it would take so much time and effort. Marketing your website alone can be very difficult. And the greatest pain of all is that you use so much of your time, expend so much of your energy, and even spend so much of your money-and you end up with nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

You end up with broken dreams. If you’re an optimist, you may think about the entire debacle as a learning experience. It’s a pretty expensive learning experience, but at least you don’t end up empty-handed. Of course, it’s not always guaranteed that you learned the right lessons so your next Internet investment is going to be a gamble again.

But WHAT IF you can get the right lessons at the very start? What if you actually get a worthwhile training that shows you precisely what to do so you don’t have to make any mistakes at the onset? What if you get trained by actual experts who are now successful Internet entrepreneurs?

That’s where Marketing Inc comes in.

What’s Marketing Inc?
The original Marketing Inc is an online course that’s available for anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to build a client-based business. Its instructor is Glen Allsopp, a guy in his 20s who was a whiz kid marketing manager for Nissan, Land Rover, and HP when he was just 19 years old. He started his own Internet marketing business and after a couple of failed attempts began making 5-figure profits online through the use of niche sites and the sale of software.

The course is quite comprehensive. You get more than 4 hours of videos, along with 20,000 words of unique content. You can find all these at their membership site, where you can also have one-on-one access with the instructors and read over 11,000 posts. The instructors themselves have made more than 2,000 forum posts combined.

It covers a wide array of topics, which beginners can really use. Even experienced marketers have expressed appreciation for how the course has filled some gaps in their education. The typical Marketing Inc review is very positive, to say the very least. On one web site alone, the total number enrollees for Marketing Inc has reached 5,576 students.

Course Coverage
The topics covered by the videos include:

  • How they built their $60k marketing company in just 8 months
    • The fastest growing business model they recommend you use
    • Real-world examples of how their funnels (agency funnel, SEO funnel and “secret” funnel) work
    • An extensive guide to SEO for Google
    • A guide on how to close deals with clients
    • How you can build your own marketing firm even if you work part-time

You get lifetime access to the online community, and you also get a written guide on the marketing secret used by the Inc 5000. There’s even a bonus video on the more than ten tools the instructors use every day for their online business.

Marketing Inc 2
There’s a sequel called Marketing Inc 2, and by all accounts it’s another winner. If you’re starting an agency from scratch, this will be invaluable. It offers additional tools that you can use to really get you started and get you going. These important tools include:

  • Marketing System. This is one of the main areas of concern when you have an online business. In the real world, you put up a shop and everyone who walks by sees your shop so some of them may be tempted to come in and look around.

On the Internet, marketing your website is crucial because no one really just drops in out of the blue. Visitors are led to your site in several ways, primarily through organic search so that means your website needs to be on the first page of results when someone uses Google and enters keywords that are relevant to your website. Other methods, such as using paid ads and social networking, may also be used.

  • Landing Pages. This is the page on your website that visitors “arrive” at when they click a link from another site. They may be used to convince visitors to click through other pages on the site, or even to buy something from the site.
  • Automated Sales Funnel. A sales funnel describes the process of how a lead can become a confirmed client. Here the entire process can actually be automated.
  • Capture Pages. These are web pages designed to “capture” names and email addresses for marketing purposes.
  • Autoresponder. As you begin to get more email addresses and messages you’ll begin to realize that you can’t manually do everything. That’s why you need an autoresponder, which can automate the sending of emails even while setting a personalized tone to each email.
  • Training. Like the original Marketing Inc, Marketing Inc 2 gives you detailed instructions on what to do so that you can become more efficient in your work as you continue to maximize your profits.

It is more of a community coaching program and you get to connect with one of the top SEO EXPERTs of all time currently. I do not say this lightly. I am a huge fan of Glen Allsopp and that’s why I can say his stuff is SOLID. This guy is honest, down to earth and truly seeks to deliver value. (Note as well that Marketing Inc 2 is more than a SEO course; it’s a complete program to help you make money online, relatively quickly too though it requires work and may not be the $1000s in X days. Glen and Diggy’s Marketing Inc helps you from learning SEO to using it for profits as an offline consultant.)

Is Marketing Inc 2 trust worthy?
Glen Allsopp of Marketing Inc isn’t the person who would seek to make a few quick bucks. This guy gives loads of free information on this blog that actually works. Case studies that have helped people in search engine optimization and money making techniques. Don’t take my word for it, jump to his blog at ViperChill.com
He follow ups and create trends on his blog that actually help his readers generate significant amount of revenue.

You’re not learning from any newbie with rehash information. This is as pro as it gets. He walks the talk and he loves to help people. Following up on some of his SEO posts have helped me a lot (I like to learn from others and do our own thing too). So basically, you can trust this guy will deliver and it’s not rehash information (it’ll cover the basics) and share the advance information you need that can provide you with an advantage.

Marketing Inc 2 In Summary
I am confident in saying Marketing Inc 2 is a course that can really make people money online if they apply it. Here’s the brief highlight of the points mentioned above if you want to recap what is Marketing Inc. Now, let’s get into the meatier information of Marketing Inc 2

What is Marketing Inc 2?
Marketing Inc 2 is THE ideal course for anyone interested in SEO or making money online as an offline consultant. If you like working with businesses and getting profit (with results).then Marketing Inc 2 is what you’d be interested in. It helps you deliver results for your clients, real and reliable results over time so you can generate a fair profit in return.

It has helped many internet marketers make a full time income online and also jolted many member’s results who were already working with offline businesses. It’s very well the ONLY course you should get in 2015 and I do not say this lightly; Glen and Diggy truly stuff the box with all they can find, even the kitchen sink (metaphorically – if you really want a kitchen sink and stay in the Vancouver area, I’d be happy to send you one though) into Marketing Inc 2.

Who is Marketing Inc for?
Marketing Inc 2 is ideal for anyone looking to get their feet wet with internet marketing and making money online or any offline consultant looking to freshen up their skills.

How does Marketing Inc 2 work?
Marketing Inc 2 is designed to provide the knowledge, support, and resource you need to build your own business and make money by offering search engine optimization services to business who need it! This means you make money by helping others who need your help. That’s really what Glen and Diggy like to do themselves


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