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[PREMIUM] Gretta Van Riel – Start And Scale

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Jul 14, 2020


Yes! It’s your turn. Don’t sit on the sidelines watching others chase and catch their dreams.

Discover the exact systems, frameworks and processes that Gretta has used to build 4x multimillion dollar ecommerce stores from scratch. Start and Scale is an online course that shows you how to start lean and get profitable fast, selling products in an online store.

Brought to you by Foundr and taught by ecommerce expert, Gretta Van Riel.


This is step-by-step online course (with private mastermind groups) that will take you through the whole ecommerce process from coming up with (and validating) your idea, to building an audience and launching your physical product.

If you ever wanted to start a business, stop trading your time for money and generate more income for you and your family…. Start and Scale can show you how.

This is a great business to start on the side of your 9-5, or it’s something you can go all in on. It’s flexible and something you can work through at your own pace.You Can Get Started in as Little as 1 Hour a WeekHERE’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN TODAY:

Step-By-Step Video Modules:

6x modules, with over 30 videos taught by Gretta and the Foundr team. Each video is a short-sharp lesson focused on you taking action and moving forward. Released weekly so that you can keep up.

Real Action Plans – Get Started Fast:

Every lesson comes with a worksheet, and an action step so that you can always keep moving forward… just fill in the blanks!  We’ve got you covered.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime:

Tablet, mobile, laptop – you can view the course online – even if you don’t have wi-fi. Download it directly to your device

It’s Yours for Life:

Go back and review it as often as you like. You’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Accountability & Encouragement:

Get access to our high-level Facebook group to get the support you need to stay focused, and access timely advice and moral support if you get stuck.  (You’ll probably end up with a few great friends for life too).


Worth every penny

“I’ve been listening to the Foundr podcast for a while and to hear Gretta’s story of creating multiple e-commerce businesses, and then to hear about a course teaching her system, I couldn’t resist!I’m very happy that I’ve (almost) done this course and it has been worth every penny.The Facebook group has been the most important part for me. It’s so nice to have a group of people doing the same thing (and professionals) to bounce ideas off and ask for advice”

“From eating rice only to making $1 million in two years,” Entrepreneurs Handbook

“Fortunately, we stumbled upon the Foundr podcast episode with Gretta Rose van Riel and Nathan Chan.Since then, we’ve signed up for the course, have successfully launched our own brand and we’re almost sold out. We’ve actually only implemented some of Gretta’s strategies so far but man we’ve already gotten amazing results. Thanks for equipping us with the right tools to be able to build a long-term business rather than just a side hustle!“Check out Japes post on this below!

After joining Start & Scale, I no longer felt the need for a ‘mentor’

“After joining Start & Scale, I no longer felt the need for a ‘mentor’ because I could see the next few steps that I needed to take in front of me. That isn’t to say that I don’t value guidance from someone more experienced, but Gretta and the S&S course have become my virtual mentors in e-commerce.Although some of the modules initially felt simplistic, it did help to iterate that I’d taken the right steps, and I liked that each video has bite-sized actionable steps. The brevity of the templates and worksheets have helped me gain some momentum without getting too lost in detail.”


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