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[PREMIUM] Mindvalley |Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance

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Jul 16, 2020

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not earning and achieving at your highest potential – but you don’t know exactly what’s holding you back, or how to break through your barriers?
The Unlimited Abundance program takes you on a journey deep into your subconscious mind – where you’ll uncover 24 possible ‘Abundance Blocks’ silently sabotaging your prosperity and success in your personal and professional life.
Then, by tapping into your personal energetic frequency, your abundance coach Christie Marie Sheldon will permanently erase these blocks – leaving you emotionally, spiritually, and vibrationally aligned with the plentiful life you deserve.
Over 200,000 people worldwide have enjoyed life-changing breakthroughs thanks to Christie’s unique gifts, which you too can experience when you join the program on this page.
But first, it’s crucial that we explain…
What Abundance Blocks Are & How They Shape Your Life
Abundance Blocks are pieces of subconscious programming that quietly sabotage your ability to attract and retain wealth. There are 24 of them, and they could come from anywhere – your parents, your mentors, your friends, the media and the government. For example…
As a child, did you ever hear your parents complaining about “greedy” and “unethical” rich people, and how the government always sides with them instead of the masses?
Did you ever hear that line from the Bible saying it’s harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle?
Have you ever watched a movie, listened to a song or read an article that calls money “the root of all evil”?
In high school or college, were you ever told that working hard is the only key to success?
What happens when you eliminate your Abundance Blocks
1. Start feeling newfound passion
You feel the passion to excel in your career, and jump on the opportunities surrounding you. Imagine waking up every morning with that tingly excited feeling to try out a fresh idea at work or explore a new business opportunity.
2. Experience sudden rushes of creative ideas
Strategies to reach more customers, a better solution to manage your debt, a way to hasten that raise or promotion – picture yourself consistently coming up with ideas just like these, and using them to get ahead at work and in life.
3. Find yourself living in a state of optimal work-life balance
You become a complete and well-rounded person by knowing exactly how much time and energy to invest in your career to make it successful, and when to clock out so your family, friends and hobbies get the attention they deserve.
4. Transform your attitude towards money for the better
You’re no longer worried about the bills and the mortgage, you’re not held back by the “I don’t have enough” mentality, and you’re never afraid to spoil yourself and your loved ones with good food, nice things and exotic holidays.
5. Experiencing serendipitous moments in your everyday life
Like bumping into your future business partner at a bus stop, or stumbling on a book that turns your life around. And it all happens so frequently that you could swear the Universe itself is on your side.
6. Transform yourself into a catalyst for positive change
Your free-flowing abundance not only lets you support your favorite charities and movements – it also empowers the people around you to be and do more, creating a wonderful ripple effect of prosperity and positivity.
There Are 24 Abundance Blocks Holding You Back – And 24 Audio Sessions That Focus On Eliminating A Specific Block
Your journey begins with the Abundance Block Diagnosis Test: an online self-assessment process that simulates a one-on-one session with Christie. Just answer a series of simple questions, and you’ll be advised on which Abundance Blocks to work on first.
Each Energy Clearing session will help eliminate each of your Abundance Blocks, one after the other. You’ll experience a powerful and immersive process which taps into your energetic frequency, accesses your subconscious mind, and liberates you from a specific abundance block.
Here’s a closer look at each session:
Session Outline
Session 1: Clearing Resistance
Jump start your journey into abundance with a three step system to open your energy fields and begin the clearing process. Identify the lies you have learned about abundance and connect to the light, allowing energy to flow.
Session 2: Clearing Doubt & Fear
Discover how to tune into the frequency of abundance, and turn doubt into unshakeable confidence time and time again.
Session 3: Clearing Fear of Change
Overcome your subconscious attachment to your comfort zone, so you can embrace change, and reap the rewards of constant growth.
Session 4: Clearing Money Zapping Decisions
Avoid decisions that drain your abundance – and instead enter your Growth Cycle, the optimal state of being for prosperity.
Session 5: Clearing Fear of Growth
Finally release the beliefs that cause the fear of growth to entangle your mind, so you can embrace growth and be better each day.
Session 6: Clearing Fear of Success
Identify and erase the subconscious and energetic patterns that cause you to reject opportunities or outcomes leading to success.
Session 7: Clearing Fear of Rejection
Learn to instinctively see rejection as a stepping stone towards the prosperous outcomes you want and deserve.
Session 8: Clearing Fear Of Numbers
Elevate your relationship with numbers, clearing the blockages that cause you to grapple with them instead of embrace them.
Session 9: Clearing Indecision
Break free from the mind blocks that cripple you when faced with important choices, so you can make faster and better decisions when it counts.
Session 10: Clearing Feeling Stuck
Get un-stuck and move forward with momentum and clarity, by identifying and releasing what’s keeping you spinning your wheels.
Session 11: Clearing Blocked Values
Identify and reconnect with your highest values, align every aspect of your life with them, and start living life from the highest vibration.
Session 12: Clearing The Path To Your Future
Gain a crystal-clear vision of your most abundant future, and identify the steps you must take to make it your reality.
Session 13: Clearing Clutter
Learn powerful decluttering techniques for various areas of your life, and streamline your path towards optimal finances and success.
Session 14: Clearing Family Blocks
Are your family relationships blocking your abundance? Identify how to fix them, or release yourself from the effects of a negative relationship.
Session 15: Clearing Blame
Blame is toxic and disempowering – learn to let it go, and instead take full responsibility for how your life unfolds in every moment.
Session 16: Clearing Fear Of Imperfection
Allow the perfect version of you to shine through into the world – which also means embracing your imperfections as a part of you.
Session 17: Clearing Limitations
Establish yourself as an infinite being with infinite opportunities ahead, so you can move forwards confidently and powerfully.
Session 18: Clearing Blocks To Profit
Investigate the blocks that are hypnotizing you to stay away from amazing opportunities every time they show up.
Session 19: Clearing Self-Sabotage
Learn to replace self-sabotage with self-love, and develop an instinct for the choices and thoughts that uplift you instead of drag you down.
Session 20: Clearing Lack of Self-Worth
Learn how to rise above childhood experiences that may have led to a lack of self-worth, especially when faced with opportunity.
Session 21: Clearing Financial Mess
Stop fearing the potential of messing up, and use change as a way to create your most abundant blessings in life.
Session 22: Clearing Financial Illusions
Discover if you have illusions and misconceptions about money that are robbing you of prosperity in the present and future.
Session 23: Clearing Fear of Scarcity
Choose to see the world as a place of infinite abundance and generosity, and you’ll soon see that perception becoming reality.
Session 24: Clearing Blocks to Your Gifts
Dive deep inside yourself, and unearth the hidden talents that can reward you with the greatest abundance of your life.


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