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[PREMIUM] Mindvalley | Lisa Nichols | Speak and Inspire

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Jul 16, 2020

Did you know that one of the major issues experienced by successful folks today is poor communication skills? These people should know how to project efficiently. However, they didn’t like to understand how to clarify it to hundreds of folks. How can you overcome such concerns?

Recently, Lisa Nichols announced the launch of a new program referred to as Speak and Inspire. This program claimed to help people become a powerful speaker and establish positive changes in one’s voice. What’s more, the program is intended to help users understand the power of their voices, the things that will happen if they did not use it, as well as the strong transformational impact of refining the art of communication. 

Do you want to find out more about Speak and Inspire? Read this review to know more!

What is Speak and Inspire? 

Speak and Inspire is a personal development program that is designed and created by Lisa Nichols. These are intended for individuals who are anxious to speak confidently in front of the crowd and those who have poor communication skills to speak and sustain their confidence. Everyone desires to communicate, along with other emotions, arising from their souls. However, they pause from delivering such emotions into words. 

In fact, the major reason for this type of difficulty to speak is in fear of self-doubt, criticisms, judgment, and divorce with reality. The reason behind this is that society says it’s good to keep your words and thoughts to yourself. This program educates its user about the step by step on how to become a good speaker and leave your mind for the public to hear. 

What’s Inside the Speak and Inspire Program?

  • It offers thirty days lifetime access to search
  • The application provides a free iPad application and mobile application
  • Offers good customer service
  • It gives a ten-day money return policy 
  • The program helps to obtain lifetime access to the Speak and Inspire community on Facebook 
  • The course provides free warm-up exercises and preliminary coaching sessions along with questions and answers provided 
  • Helps you become a master of communication 

How Does the Program Work?

 As we mentioned, Speak and Inspire is a powerful program. It concentrates on ways to turn a person into a reliable and trustworthy speaker. Lisa Nichols aims to help the user to break their fears and unleash their self-confidence. In turn, she teaches how they can direct their emotions appropriately, enhance their charisma, inspire, and entertain the people around them with their own words. 

In the first part, the program will help you support your internal talents and gifts you obtain as a speaker. It helps you enhance your voice and to express the words thoroughly. In the second portion, you must pay attention to how you could engage your audience without distracting attention from the speech. 

The third stage is composed of helping to enhance your speaking abilities with training. The four-step will help you combine all the methods you have obtained in the program. Therefore, the daily interaction, along with Lisa Nichols, will allow you to improve your self-confidence. That will lead to more people supporting your mission and message.

speak & Inspire review

What You’ll Learn from the Program?

The good thing about Speak and Inspire program is that it offers a clear and transparent idea of going through emotional communication with you. The following are the things you will learn at the end of the program:

  • It can touch the heart of people around you. The connection with them becomes much stronger; they like to hear more of their words after you make a connection with people. 
  • You will begin believing in yourself more. You are starting making yourself more affectionate about what occurred. 
  • You will put your emotional bumps and personal stories into strong and influential words, making you more productive 
  • You will be able to embrace reality and touch the truth after learning and expressing your thoughts without a lack of confidence or fear of trials.
  • You become a charismatic speaker throughout each step 


  • You will surely thrive with a wonderful command of your voice after thirty days of the program
  • Simply request a refund if you do not receive results within ten days. The program will offer you one. 
  • The entire program is pretty simple and straightforward. Sign up and perform the program. Do daily actions. Watch the videos and listen to the audios of Lisa. 
  • Every video training will range between ten to twenty minutes in length. That makes it very simple to fit into your daily routine.
  • You will get an email the day before the quest starts. After that, you will then receive an email every day throughout the program. 
  • Speak and Inspire helps people get rid of their fear of rejection and disappointment. 


  • The program is available online only. Thus, you cannot access it if you do not have an internet connection. 
  • The online program that does not provide enough advantages of personal engagement along with the teacher. 
speak & Inspire review

Final Verdict:

Lisa Nichol’s Speak and Inspire program is one of those programs that are highly recommended by its users. The online course aims to help people to increase their self-confidence and enhance their engagement with the public with the utmost confidence.

The program is currently available on the Mindvalley Academy Quest platform. It is composed of different modules wherein each has space where one can liberate and improve their voice. The course helps its users obtain more impact. Furthermore, it will help individuals to understand the ways to speak confidently and effectively. 

We highly recommend the Speak & Inspire program. This is surely an excellent, life-changing program that can transform the lives of its users and provide positive results. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss an opportunity today! Always remember that the words you give make a big difference to the individuals who listen to it. Do not hold them alone.


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