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[PREMIUM] Jeremy Miner – 7 Figure Sales Training – Elite 8 Week Sales Training

ByCourse Master

Jul 21, 2020

Elite 8 Week Sales Training Program

Here’s what the 8 week sales training program is going to do for you:

1. It will allow you to Eliminate Rejection and Objections, not my mind games and mental tricks, but by eliminating the case of it so you can Close More Sales and get to the Top 1% in your industry.

2. You’ll be seen as the “Trusted Adviser & Trusted Authority” rather than just another Dreaded Salesperson trying to sell something.

3. You’ll learn how to ask very skilled questions at the right time, which will allow your potential customer to persuade themselves.

4. You’ll be able to call your prospects without ever having to pitch, persuade ore even “close” them, and still make the sale.

5. You’ll know how to easily diffuse virtually every objection you experience and have your potential customers sell themselves on how they can overcome their own objections so you can Triple Your Income and reduce your working hours in half over the next 3-4 months.

6. You’ll stop Losing Sales by using the “4 Committing Questions” that will help you more than triple your closing percentages

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