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Jul 23, 2020

An Invitation For All Men & Women Who Want To Discover Their Full Intimate Power…

Unlock a Juicy Love Life In Just 7 Weeks With Tantra Touch

Experience the power of unleashing your intimate sacred self with Tantra Touch – 7 weeks to a juicier love life

This course is suitable for all fans and friends of Psalm Isadora, her life and her greatest work. And especially if…

A) You’re single and looking to rediscover your sexuality and increase your attraction factor to meet the man or woman of your dreams.

B) You’re in a relationship and want to go beyond the typical boundaries of intimacy & pleasure.

C) You’re married and feel like your relationship needs a spark to rediscover the honeymoon phase.

Every day, men and women are reconnecting… repairing the bonds with their loved ones… rediscovering the passion in their relationships and recreating the life of their dreams.

When you’re ready to join them, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…Psalm Isadora– Author of Tantra Touch | Mindvalley Academy

Psalm Isadora

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The world we live in teaches us to feel ashamed about sexuality.

To feel embarrassed at our most natural desires. To supress what we feel is wholesome and natural, to ignore our passions and pretend they don’t exist.

We’re conditioned to disconnect from ourselves, our partners, from the rest of the world.

Because sex and intimacy are supposed to be “dirty”. Shameful. Embarrassing.

I grew up in an environment where sex and intimacy were completely suppressed. After seeing the horrors of the Vietnam war, my parents left the city and raised me in a log cabin in the woods.

And as beautiful as most of it was, being out in nature, part of a passionate church, there was a dark side to it. About as dark as you could ever imagine.

Because when I was still young, I suffered sexual trauma that no person should ever have to experience. And my mother told me the same had happened to at least 10 other girls at the school we all went to.

At this point, my heavenly life turned into a nightmare.

Everything turned upside down.

I went from being a happy, fun-loving girl to a dark, depressed young woman.

I rebelled against everyone and everything.

Where I was a devout christian, I disavowed God when I thought he wasn’t listening.

Where I was a good clean young girl, I descended into a world of drinking, drugs and meaningless sex.

I ran away from home at 17, got pregnant, and my 20s became a blur of drugs, sex, alcohol, anything to numb the pain I was feeling inside.

Because there was no other outlet for me.

There was no way to release my emotions.

There was no channel to communicate how I was feeling so it was all bottled up deep inside me.

Eventually I was diagnosed with mania and bipolar disorder, and put on medication.

That helped, but the medication made everything… flat. I felt nothing.

I was totally and completely numb. I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed some days.

I remember my son once asking me to read him a bedtime story.

But I was so tired and lethargic, I asked him to come back later, as if he were a salesman.

I felt horrible, but I didn’t know how to do anything more.

Things were about to get worse.

Being constantly broke, we were almost evicted and thrown out on the street. And in that moment of almost becoming homeless, I turned to street drugs once again.

I was still taking Lithium – but the combination of that with drugs like Crystal Meth was deadly.

I found myself in the hospital emergency room, without even enough money to pay for the treatment.

I couldn’t call my parents, I had no friends I could count on, I felt truly alone.

I knew what I had to do.

I knew if I kept repeating this cycle, I’d end up dead – sooner rather than later.

Something had to change.

I remember it as if it was yesterday.

Sitting up on my hospital gurney.

Naked but for a paper-thin gown that was open at the back.

I put my hands together – in a prayer to myself. A conversation with myself… or whoever might be listening.

I said to myself “Psalm, this has to stop. You are going to put one foot in front of the other and get yourself out of this nightmare life. You will never again descend into this terrible world. Go do Yoga.”

That’s where everything changed for the better.

Despite the fact that Yoga classes seemed like another world, I did as I was told, and from there everything was different.

Every time I stretched and inhaled, there was a loving and caring presence I hadn’t felt since I was a young girl. I felt pure bliss and joy enter me for the first time in a long time.

My journey to Tantric bliss was underway.

I began to search for more teachers. I needed to keep moving towards a better life.

Because suddenly all the pain made sense. And the human body which had so far only brought me pain and suffering, suddenly I was feeling immense gratitude for it.

I knew it was mine.

I knew it was sacred.

And the feeling was orgasmic.

My search for teachers led me to the jungles of India, where I met the guru who would complete my journey and make me whole again.

He taught me that sex was sacred. In fact, there used to be temples where people would go to make love in order to worship each other and God.

Their pleasure was an offering to God.

But I always thought that sex was something that distracted you from God.

Yet back then, priestesses helped people learn how to pray in their bodies, and experience their sexual sacredness.

This is how I finally released all the negative energy surrounding my body. And I rediscovered what it meant to be a sexual being and how this affected every area of my life.

The end result of this transformation is Tantra Touch, and my mission is now to pass my knowledge on to you as it has been passed through my only living son Gabriel Isadora Valdez, my favorite and best student who pursues the work in my honor and his fiery passion for sexual liberation.

Psalm Isadora’s Greatest Work, Tantra Touch, Is The Shortest Path To Applying The Principles Of Tantra For Unparalleled Levels Of Intimacy & Ecstasy In Your Love Life

Tantra Touch is a 7-week program for taking your romantic relationship to an entirely different level — a level beyond what you can imagine.

Here are some of the benefits you may experience towards the end of this program:

1. You’ll fall in love with your body – and feel happier and confident as a result.
2. A number of single students attracted their ideal partners.
3. Many end up having some of the best sex in the world.
4. Others felt they’ve become more connected, secure and in line with their true worth as a human being.
5. And most people report feeling more sexy, confident and unstoppable in life as a result of this.

Meet Psalm Isadora: The Legendary Sex Expert Known for Helping Celebrities, CEOs, and Professional Athletes Rediscover their Path to Intimacy and Ecstasy

Psalm Isadora was one of the most transformational sex educators to grace Earth’s stage in the 21st century. She is an internationally renowned Relationship Expert who founded the global relationship coaching program Urban Kama Sutra. She created a sexual movement in the yoga community with OYoga, unique form of yoga specially designed to help women “light the world on fire” with the help of their body.

Psalm’s foray into studying sexuality was triggered by the deep pain she endured as she went through years of sexual trauma as a child who was raised in a Christian cult. She openly shared with the Mindvalley family at the Afest event about how her past led to decades of anxiety and depression. She also shared how that trauma led to her sexual awakening and deep passion for sharing what she learned about our soul’s connection with sexuality. She shared her dreams of spreading this message to the world and we have come together once again to support her.

As Seen On:

Psalm guiding a couple through a meditation at AFest, Croatia.

Psalm guiding participants through a Tantra technique.

What You’ll Learn

Here Are 12 Ways Tantra Touch Will Shift The Way You View Your Sex Life, Your Intimacy And Your Love Life

Tantra kickstarts a transformation on 3 levels of your being — physical, emotional and spiritual. Unlocking your sexuality creates a ripple effect through the rest of you life; students have reported seeing increases in their income, better non-sexual relationships, and a deep connection to their life’s purpose. Our sexual shame has deep connections to our root chakra which is also connected to our sense of security found in our ability to attract love and provide for our basic living needs. Releasing emotional blocks around sexuality can unlock the entire root chakra improving financial stability, career success, relationship intimacy, and more. Imagine the impact of unlocking all 7 chakras.

1. Overcome All Psychological Blocks To Pleasure

Your #1 sex organ is your brain. A brain that is riddled with decades of cultural programming and taboo around sex and intimacy. This psychological conditioning takes a toll on your ability to truly enjoy sex. In Tantra Touch, you’ll overcome shame, trauma and other disempowering beliefs around sex and intimacy.

2. Experience sexual revolution, balance and harmony

Every human being carries both masculine and feminine energies — the Shiva and Shakti. While both energies are present one will remain dominant. When one of these energy sources is underdeveloped or underused it creates an imbalance of sexual energy. The Tantra trick is to achieve balance by first understanding the key principles guiding these powerful energy sources while cultivating and awakening the energies that are dormant.

3. Discover Your Sexual Archetype and Be Naturally Charismatic

Archetypes are how the brain solves a problem. Your model of reality for sex — consisting of your beliefs, dreams, and desires — is a jungle of varying emotions that your brain can’t easily decode. Unless there’s a map; the archetypes. Once you discover your archetype, you’ll understand why you feel the way you feel.

4. Cut Through Limiting Beliefs And Bring Back The Honeymoon Feeling

Sometimes you feel helpless about your sexuality like you’re somehow not in charge of your body and your orgasms. Or that something external is governing your sexual destiny. You feel that way because of the limiting beliefs we learned starting as young as the tender age of 7. It’s time to release them and enjoy losing control.

5. Reclaim Your Confidence, On And Off Bed, And Hit Your Goals Easily

When you truly understand your sensual essence — who you are and what you want to experience sexually — you’ll have complete clarity on what you want to do in the bed. You will discover your full sexual potential and regain sexual confidence. This realization will become a guiding force that sets a clear direction and meaning in your life.

6. Have Multiple Orgasms At Will For Both Men And Women

They say mediocre sex — with fake or microsecond orgasms — is worse than no sex because it completely drains you of the excitement for your releasing your true sexual nature. Tantra Touch will show how both men and women can connect with their raw, authentic sexual power and experience the multiple wave-like orgasms and excitement they’re destined for.

7. Go From Average Orgasms To Mindblowing Whole Body Orgasms

Tantra enables whole body orgasms by working with Chakras. Chakras are distribution centers of your energy body. Since Tantra establishes deeper levels of intimacy through the merging of your physical and energy body, you’ll learn how to work with your chakras. Tantra Touch will take you through a clearing of all 7 chakras, so your energetic blocks won’t stand in the way of your pleasure.

8. Become A Pro At Giving Sensual Massages

Massages are a key part of Tantra sex. They deconstruct the physical barriers to pleasure and intimacy. That’s why, in Tantra Touch, you’ll learn all kinds of massages including Yoni Massage, Breast Massage, Lingham Massage, Prostate Massage, Self Massage as well as clothes-on massages. Learn how to use your hands to provide your partner with immense pleasure that is irresistible.

9. Unlock Your Sexual Magnetism For Attracting The Right Partners

When you unlock your true sexual energy you will notice that you become magnetic. People are drawn to you even from across the room. You will emit an energetic glow that others notice. When you are balance and in love with yourself you will attract a partner who is also in balance. Finally end the cycle of attracting partners who aren’t right for you. Become your dream partner and you will attract your dream partner. And you’ll do it by having an obscene amount of mind-blowing orgasms as you practice Tantra Touch. Get your glow.

10. Activate Sacred Sexuality For Higher Levels Of Intimacy

One of the things Psalm Isadora teaches us about Tantra is a concept called sacred sexuality. Your sex life will go from mundane to insanely satisfying. The amount of energy that passes through your body will feel electric and turned on for days at a time. Desire will no longer be the issue. Ecstasy-filled exhaustion might.

11. Master Sex Positions That Can Drive Your Partner Wild

No Tantra course is complete without teaching students the sacred sexual positions that unlock the Shiva and the Shakti. You’ll learn Kama Sutra positions that give you easy access to your partner’s orgasm triggers as well as foreplay techniques that set you both up with maximum arousal. There is no taboo with Psalm Isadora. You’ll learn nothing but the best methods for lasting, fulfilling sexual experience.

12. Channel Your Sexual Energy To Attract What You Truly Desire In Life

Napoleon Hill, in his seminal best seller Think And Grow Rich, describes the energy of sex as the most powerful human energy because sexual energy directly correlates to drive and creativity in all other areas of your life. Using different tools, you can strengthen this correlation and enjoy unstoppable energy for everything you want to do in life. You can also utilize focused intention to redirect the creative potential of your sexual energy to attract the things you want in life.

Success Stories From Students Who Mastered Psalms’ Trainings


NFL athlete with fear and anxiety… now performing better with calm focus.

Psalm taught breathwork to an NFL athlete, Chris Carter to help him perform better. He uses it before a game when he is more nervous because it calms him down and helps him stay grounded. When he is about to walk into a situation like that in front of 90,000 people and being filmed for TV, his nerves get on edge because there are so many things that can happen that he can’t control.

It helps him to be less emotional and not react from fear or anxiety, but to react with calm focus and perform better and make better choices. Psalm’s techniques help him breathe better in general. Psalm taught him how to breathe more deeply and find pockets to expand his energy in his body so that when he runs he can last longer without getting tired.

Chris Carter
NFL linebacker


Famous actress with intimacy block… now had a blissful marriage

I worked with a famous actress who was in an Oscar nominated film. She was having trouble in her relationship. She had given up on finding the right person. She had done pretty much everything in the self-help space… traveled to India, learned yoga, meditation, worked with countless healers. She was in a relationship crisis when I met her; she was about to break up with her live-in boyfriend, but she was racked with guilt about how it would affect her kids.

She decided to try working with me as a last resort before asking him to move out. Within the first session, she began to feel there was hope. I worked with her alone at first and we got to the core of her issue, which was a blocked second chakra, her sexual energy was disconnected from trauma. Because of that trauma, she needed to feel safe with a man. She was repeating her pattern.

I call this re-enactment in relationships; she was pushing her boyfriend away because she was actually afraid to open up and be more vulnerable for fear of being hurt again or abandoned. In our session, she was able to recognize that she wasn’t able to surrender into her more feminine energy and be vulnerable. After we worked together, I taught her how to do exercises by herself… then I taught her boyfriend how to do Tantra massage and they had a massive breakthrough where she was able to surrender to him and instead of moving out and breaking up they got engaged and married and live together now.

Name withheld for privacy


Sexually incompatible couple… now enjoying sex like never before.

There was a trainer I worked with who was having trouble in the bedroom with his girlfriend. She didn’t know how to let go in the bedroom. She’d been taught to have embarrassment around sex. I taught him how to do deep breathing and eye connection. He didn’t believe it at first, but then he said he had a breakthrough. He wondered how deep the relationship could be, but because of Tantra they became more compatible…

They could enjoy things they didn’t like before. When people don’t think they’re sexually compatible, it is usually because one partner is more shut down. One partner doesn’t know how to talk about it because it’s embarrassing, but Tantra technique helps people communicate about these issues so they can also have *sexual compatibility and enjoyment.

Name withheld for privacy


Woman with trauma and poor health… now happy and free.

I worked with a woman who had Lyme’s disease and was dealing with sexual abuse from her father and grandfather. Even though there are lots of self-help programs out there, at least 50% of the people who come in are going to have sexual trauma. If you have trauma, it can be really scary. You can spend all of this money without getting to the heart of it. It can also be connected to chronic illness and healing that mind-body connection. This makes it a health issue as well.

If you have trauma, know that you are not alone. At least 1 in 3 people have had sexual trauma and I believe the real number is much higher. I have walked 1,000’s of women and men through this healing process and you need to know there is hope beyond being trapped as a victim.

If you have trauma, especially sexual trauma, it doesn’t matter how many programs you do. You’ll have to do this deeper work to actually heal the trauma.

Name withheld for privacy


Woman with lack of sexual confidence… now has increased confidence in business.

This is a story of someone getting in touch with her sexual energy then getting a new feeling of empowerment in business… (Lynda) is a single woman who ends up taking a program to feel more confident in herself. This confidence then helps her attract higher-level clients. She got more in touch with her self-worth and started to value herself more.

Name withheld for privacy


Long-married couple with a dead sex-life… now happy with their passion rekindled.

Psalm’s teachings helped a long-married couple revive the passion in their relationship. They were both 70, and they’d been married for 35 years. They thought it was over and were thinking of getting divorced… they thought they weren’t attracted to each other anymore. But with both of them it rekindled what they had and it allowed them to meet again.

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