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[PREMIUM] The Silva Life System 2.0

ByCourse Master

Jul 25, 2020

The Silva Life System 2.0 is the self-empowerment program that captures all there is to learn about this practice that impacts an individual’s career, health, personal life, and relationships, even his loved ones.There’s more to a person than meets the eye.
With active meditation and highly refined mind exercises one can get to function at the Alpha and Theta levels of mind. But how will full use of each of the five senses, visualization of vivid symbols, and usage of hyper-specific symbology help a person?

By tapping into this state of mind while awake, one can get rid of stress for good with the help of 10 sessions of deep Alpha and Theta level meditations,develop positive thought patterns through various mental visualization methods that will accelerate the mind and body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing, and enhance creativity which occurs when a person functions at the Alpha level.

Think big and achieve higher goals by gaining self-assurance and becoming more positive, improve performance in one’s career or chosen sport through mental training, sleep better and practice creative dreaming using techniques to command the mind to rest and remember dreams directed at finding solutions to problems, and strengthen intuition to optimize one’s gut feel in everyday life.

The Silva Life System trains an individual to function at deeper levels of mind to completely relax and stay focused on goals, connects him to his hidden intuition for creative inspirations and better decisions in life, and allows him to practice mind-body healing as the mind is said to be a driving force towards healing.

Have greater control over habits by learning specific positive statements and visualization techniques to change behavioural patterns or one’s emotional state. Likewise, get to shape an ideal life by tapping the mind’s ability to create coincidences and opportunities towards one’s goals.

Anyone can strive to be greater and do better.
The Silva Life System presents the foundations of mind empowerment embodied in the method. The Silva Method captures the teachings from its seminars in this program that is accessible even at home. The digital program can be downloaded instantly for a fee where one gets 17 techniques contained in 13 chapters that cover four key areas of mind empowerment.

It also provides guided meditation sessions using Centering technology to guide a person into the optimal state of mind, as well as lessons about the mind and how to release its full potential leading one to become a full-fledged Silva practitioner.

The chapter begins with an introduction to the basic concepts and core values of mind empowerment then imparts four preliminary mind exercises to get in the right frame of mind namely the Transform Stress Now, Outcomes, Changing Limiting Beliefs, and Long Relax.

Learn mind-body management for beginners through the Sleep Control and Alarm Clock techniques, move to the intermediate level with the Dream Control and Energizing techniques, and take on the advance level using the 3 Fingers technique that lets one enter the Alpha level of mind in just seconds.

Healing and problem solving is taught beginning with the Energizing Water and Headache Relief techniques then progresses to the Mirror of the Mind technique and advances to the Three Scenes technique and Healing the Past exercise.

In activating intuition, start with the Fantastic Voyage exercise and move to the intermediate level with the Mental Laboratory technique until one is ready for the Getting to know your Counselors exercise. The chapters conclude with teachings on manifesting.

Take the first step to awaken the mind’s potential by downloading ‘The Unlimited You’ for free. The Silva Method offers a complete introduction in this nine-part starter kit.


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