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[PREMIUM] 1-Click WP SEO 4.0.4

ByCourse Master

Aug 8, 2020

Proven SEO WordPress plugin gets free Google traffic to your website with a few clicks

Updated for the 2019 search engine algorithm changes.
2,100+ happy customers

How 1-Click WP SEO came to be:A couple of years ago, I decided to take affiliate marketing and search engine optimization more “seriously.” So, I decided to learn everything I could about SEO, and then implement it on my sites.What I realized is that SEO is simple. There are a few basic principles that you need to follow. After I started optimizing my content for my chosen keywords, I started getting better rankings, more traffic, more sales and more profits from my sites. Nice!But then I also realized that I had to do the boring optimization by hand all the time. This is something so basic, that I could likely outsource to someone else very cheaply.But then, I had a better idea: Why not create a WordPress plugin that would do all this for me, for free?So, that’s exactly whatI did. I had the plugin developed and started using it on my sites. My content was now getting perfectly optimized at the click of a button.That’s when I decided to share the plugin with my fellow marketers. I’m glad to say that the market embraced the plugin right away.Not only that, but my customers gave me several ideas on how to improve the plugin. I took all their feedback into consideration, and finally, 1-Click WP SEO version 4.0 was born.

1-Click WP SEO Screenshots:

Sample Post:Please visit the 1-click WP SEO demo site to see an example post. Notice the term “lose weight” throughout the content. It’s bold, hyperlinked, italicized, the image name has become “lose-weight.gif” (view the source code to verfiy it), the alt tag of the image has become “lose weight”, and related terms have been added to the bottom of the content automatically.
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