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[PREMIUM] Gaia – Ben Stewart – Limitless

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Aug 12, 2020

Ben Stewart
1 Season, 13 Episodes

You are about to embark upon a path that could unlock the deepest mysteries of your limitless human potential. In this revolutionary series, Ben Stewart pulls together research and practical applications from many fields ranging from science, spirituality, philosophy, nutrition and fitness to bring you real-world techniques that can help you transcend limited thinking and reach your full superhuman potential.

Join us, each week, as we challenge you to step up beyond any perceived limits to safely and easily experience the next level of your evolution.

What Are We Capable Of?
The Human Riddle
Neurohack the Supermind
Sacred Postures & Quantum Consciousness
The Power of Play
Flow States & Shamanism
Small Steps to Lasting Changes
Placebos & the Power of Belief
Limitless Aging
Microbiome & the Gut Brain
The Power of Self Care
Irrational Evolution
The Bigger Picture

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