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[PREMIUM] James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Masterclass

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Aug 13, 2020


Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY Who You’ll Help, How You’ll Help Them,  & What Your First Course Will Be…  OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

If You Don’t Know Exactly What You’re Known For, How Will Anyone Ever Know YOU?


2-Day Virtual Workshop

M A S T E R C L A S S :

Jasmine Star

Rick Mulready

Caitlin Bacher

Jen Casey

Zach Spuckler

& more!

the Strategic Coach to today’s industry leaders including


You already know that the experts, influencers, and authorities you currently look up to are crushing it with their courses, memberships, and group coaching programs… and chances are, that’s exactly what you want too, right?

You want to work less, stop trading time for dollars, and start feeling like a REAL expert and authority. You want to create an impact. You want to serve an audience and help them achieve something.

But the biggest HURDLE I see with struggling entrepreneurs that keeps their business at a complete standstill is that darn rock-in-your-shoe question:

“What niche should I choose?”

And if you’re on this page, I have to assume you’re asking that same question, right?

ho do I help? — why not just help everyone?! What if I choose wrong? What if I offer the wrong thing for the audience I choose?!

Look — we all know that analogy of the plane that leaves LAX for JFK and what happens if it’s just one degree off. By the time it hits New York, it’s hundreds of miles off-course.

Well heck! choosing the wrong niche won’t just send you hundreds of miles off course… it’ll send you to a completely different planet!

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