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[PREMIUM] Mike Cooch – Services That Scale

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Aug 13, 2020

Use My Proven Tools To ‘Productize’ Your Services And Create Scalable, High-Margin, Recurring-Revenue Service Packages That Are Built On Automation…NOT Hustle.” And the best part: these services don’t require you to be an ‘expert’ to deliver.

WARNING:The ‘Services That Scale’ Toolkit IS NOT

  • It’s NOT another course claiming to turn you into a ‘high-ticket’ expert…
  • It’s NOT a month’s long certification program so you can sell your time as a consultant…
  • It’s NOT a bunch of theory based on no (or very little) experience…
  • ​​It’s NOT another hype-filled ‘make money’ training…

It’s A PROVEN FRAMEWORK For Creating Scalable ‘Productized’ Services That Aren’t Based On You Being An ‘Expert’ Or Selling Your Time To Deliver…What if providing marketing services to local businesses didn’t require you to be a ‘high-ticket’ expert selling your time? 
What if you could offer simple, scalable, automated services instead?
That’s what ‘Services That Scale’ is.
It’s a set of tools that show you exactly how to productize your services to create scalable, recurring, high-margin service packages that are built on systems, processes, and automationNOT hustle or expertise.

‘Productizing’ my services is what helped me build…

Two Seven-Figure Businesses Providing Services To The Small Business Community

I had spent years trying to sell ‘consulting’ and ‘agency’ services the way everyone else was doing it.
But it wasn’t working for me…or for anybody else for that matter. NOBODY in the industry had built a scalable business selling to the small business community.
I tried to fix it by:

  • Raising my prices so I could earn more.That didn’t work…it only slowed down sales, caused our clients to scrutinize our every move, and required me to higher more experience, more expensive salespeople.
  • ​Requiring everyone to bill more hours. That didn’t work…it only caused burnout.
  • Trying to raise our status as ‘experts’ by learning more of the ‘cutting edge’ strategies. That didn’t work…we spent all of our time learning and NOT DOING!

I Knew I Needed A Better Model…So I Set Out To Find It.I went to business school and spent my entire time studying every business – in any industry – that had successfully sold services to small business and was able to scale up.
(There aren’t many of them!)
I studied what kinds of products and services could actually be sold, delivered, and scaled fast.
I identified the best practices so I could apply them to my business.
I was SHOCKED by what I had discovered…The Real Secret To Creating Scalable Services Is:Doing Less, NOT More!Think about it! The professional services firms of the world: lawyers, accountants, agencies – none of them have figured out how to scale selling to small businesses!
They all ‘do more’ for their demanding clients every day but never get ahead…they just trade their time for money their entire career!
The businesses that scale selling to small businesses are using media and technology to deliver services ‘productized services’ at low price points with automation: 
Web hosting, Quickbooks, Amazon Web Services, your mobile phone service, Groupon, Mailchimp, Val-Pak, Demand Forcethese are the services that scale!So I Made The Commitment ToWork Smarter. NOT Harder.I asked myself some powerful (but scary at the time!) questions:
What if we removed the complexity from the services we offered, and instead focused on services that could be sold and delivered by ‘non-experts’?
What if we only offered services that we could automate using software, or that leveraged assets that we built, so we could offer much lower prices to our customers?
What if it turns out that the majority of small businesses don’t want ‘Agencies’ or ‘Consultants’ anyway…they just want a job done?!
So I got to work. I remodeled how we did things…drastically!

  • I simplified our services, only offering services that could be highly automated or turned into step-by-step processes anyone could follow
  • ​I turned our vague ‘Agency’ and ‘Consulting’ services into easy-to-understand, recurring-revenue ‘productized services’ with clear packages and set price points…
  • I got rid of all proposal writing and in-person sales meetings and simply posted our service packages on our website with two buttons: one to buy and the other to contact us if they had questions.

The Results?They Speak For Themselves…I was told many, many times that I was nuts and it wouldn’t work.

(I was literally called out an industry event and told I was going to ruin the industry!)
But it did work…and customers responded to it so well that we grew FAST!

In fact, it worked so well that our model was copied throughout the industry and is now very much the standard for how things are done.

It worked so well that…Our Service Model Even Became The Subject Of Books On How To Market Professional Services.The book ‘Professional Services Marketing’ was written by the team at RainGroup, the leading sales training company for professional services and other high-value transactions.
They profiled Everon as an example of how to package services differently, and how that packaging allowed us to sell more effectively.

Our success got us a lot of attention, and ultimately…We Were Able To Sell Our Business For A Nice Exit!

Typical professional services business are notoriously hard to sell for any decent money…but our model was very attractive to buyers because of the way we structured our services.
We had proven that our ‘Productized Services’ were a better business model than typical Agency or Consulting services

⚠️ This is the power of…


And just like any serial entrepreneur would…I wanted to see if I could do it again!
And so I couldn’t help but wonder…Would ‘Productized Services’ Work Again…In A Totally Different Industry?This time I took all of my lessons from my first business…and ‘ate my own dog food’ as they say!
I turned ‘productizing services’ into a step-by-step process to see if I could create scalable services in a totally different industry.
I followed a 3-Step Framework I now call The Services That Scale Roadmap™️:

And It Worked AGAIN – This Time Even Faster –In The Agency Industry!I took the lessons I had learned at Everon and refined our model when creating my Digital Marketing Services business, Kutenda.
And it worked again.
This time we grew CRAZY FAST! 
Check out this snippet from our writeup in the Colorado Companies to Watch Business Awards:

36 Employees Just Over One Year Into Building The Business…That’s Crazy Growth!And I can assure you…

…the way we packaged and sold our services at Kutenda looked NOTHING like the typical Agency model that most struggle with today.
Hopefully, I’ve made my point clear already…
But if not, here it is:You Must Learn To Create Services That Scale……’Productized Services’ Are The Key To Creating A Real Business!Selling services to small businesses IS a great opportunity…but it must be done right.

(And TBH…it can be a nightmare if it’s done wrong!)
By structuring your services correctly you’ll experience incredible benefits:

  • ​Your services become easier to sell…
  • ​Your business becomes easier to run…
  • ​You have much more flexibility with your time…
  • ​Your business becomes more profitable…
  • And your business can actually be sold!

I Spent Years Learning How To Create Services That Can Scale And Generate High-Margin, Recurring Revenue…It took me a few years of painful struggle to figure it out, but now productized, scalable services are the only kinds of services I’ll offer.
I haven’t had a ‘client’ in years…only customers.
There’s no customizing anything. None of my customers have my cell phone to call me late at night and demand things.
And I don’t make my income by selling my time.
Once you realize that doing it this way creates a business that is easier to run, more profitable, AND can be sold…you’ll never do it another way.
There’s just no point in trying to salvage a ‘chronically leaking boat’ when you could have a speedboat instead!*You Get A Shortcut!*I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can save yourself the time and costly mistakes that I made along the way.
I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, and most of them are stuck in the time-for-services trap…nothing makes me happier than when I can show them the way out!
The impact on their business and their life is nothing less than transformative.
That’s why I’ve packaged up the insights, strategies, and frameworks I use to create services that scale into a comprehensive system.


The Complete System To Build Your Own High-Margin, Recurring Revenue Scalable Services And Get You Off Of The ‘Agency’ Treadmill.Here’s What You’ll Get From This System…

SPECIFICALLY For Digital Agencies Serving Small, Local Businesses:

Use The Proven Tools In The Services That Scale System To ‘Productize’ Your Services And Create Scalable, Recurring, High-Margin Service Packages That Are Built On Process And Automation…NOT Hustle Or Expertise.

The Services That Scale Productization Roadmap ™️

  • * The core principles of creating services that scale…so you can apply them to any new service you create now and in the future.
  • * The step-by-step process to design scalable, recurring revenue, high-margin services…so you can escape the ‘Agency Services Trap’ for good!
  • * The best types of services to offer to escape the ‘Client Services Trap’ so that you actually ATTRACT the right customers to you.
  • * Why doing more for your clients is actually sabotaging your success and limiting your growth…and exactly how to structure your services so you stop doing this (and make MORE money).
  • * How to have the confidence to say ’NO’ to clients that want you to customize your service (you’ll never do it again!)…
  • * Why selling and promising ‘results’ is *almost* always the worst thing to do…and what to do instead.
  • * How to price your services for high margins AND fast sale so you can increase your sales velocity and stop chasing new business.
  • * The most important factors to increase customer retention and keep your customer for years…this is where the real money is made!
  • * The secret strategy used by Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and Comcast that allowed them to scale their services to tens of millions of dollars in recurring revenue (I got a sneak-peak when I sold my business!).

REMEMBER:The ‘Services That Scale’ System IS NOT

  • It’s NOT another course claiming to turn you into a ‘high-ticket’ expert…
  • It’s NOT a month’s long certification program so you can sell your time as a consultant…
  • It’s NOT a bunch of theory based on no (or very little) experience…
  • ​It’s NOT another hype-filled ‘make money’ training…

It’s A PROVEN FRAMEWORK For Creating Scalable ‘Productized’ Services That Aren’t Based On You Being An ‘Expert’ Or Selling Your Time To Deliver…It’s a set of proven tools to productize your services to create scalable, recurring, high-margin service packages that are built on systems, processes, and automationNOT hustle or expertise.

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Create Scalable, High-Margin, Recurring-Revenue Services Today!

Here’s What’s Included:

 The complete ‘Services That Scale Productization Roadmap’™️ and training…15 years of experience in the making ($297 Value)

 7 proven ‘Services That Scale’ business models…so you can model proven winners instead of guessing ($297 Value)

 The Utility Innovation Tool you’ll use to identify the most valuable features and benefits to offer…and which to cut ($97 Value)

 The Cost Innovation Tool you’ll use to cut wasteful costs from your services and increase your profits ($47 Value)

 The  4-step ‘Signature System Creation Framework’ ™️ you’ll use to create an offer that’s truly differentiated from your competition and make your services the obvious choice ($297.00 Value)

 The 8-step ‘Scalable Service Package Design Framework’ you’ll use to strategically design services packages that can scale fast and with very high profit margins ($297.00 Value)

 The 11 Proven Tactics to Sell Your Services Fast so you can add dozens of customers quickly…no ‘onesie-twosie’ sales processes! ($97.00 Value)

 BONUS #1: Vertical Domination a complete course on the most important strategy I’ve learned about scaling your business’s revenue and profitability as quickly as possible. ($297.00 Value)

 BONUS #2: The 3M Service Model the simplest way to re-package your Agency services to add a foundation of automated recurring revenue! ($97.00 Value)

 BONUS #3: Live Training Recording sit in on a private training I did for approximately 50 Agency owners, providing detailed walkthrough of the system and answering their questions. ($97.00 Value)

Total Value: $1,920.00

Get Your Copy Today For Only…

$297 47!

 YES! RESERVE MY COPY NOW!Get Immediate Access]

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