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[PREMIUM] Dolf De Roos – Real Estate Investor’s College

ByCourse Master

Aug 15, 2020

Let property investment guru Dolf de Roos demonstrate insider techniques and field-tested strategies designed to maximize property value for all levels of real estate investors. The Property Investor’s School on 10 CD’s provides a dynamic audio record of Dolf’s mentoring sessions previously available only in-person. Real Estate Riches on 3 CD’s abridges the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller to create a portable audio compendium of how-to tips for creating property income. Finally, sit in on Discussions with Dolf, a DVD bonus comprising of an international question-and-answer session featuring specific real estate queries from program participants. Covering everything from lenders to leases; trades people to tenants; Dolf de Roos’ Real Estate Investor’s College is your graduate course in financial security

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