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[PREMIUM] Foundr – Advanced Email Marketing (UP)

ByCourse Master

Sep 8, 2020

8 Months, 10 Billion Emails Sent, & The Advanced Email Secrets Discovered To Skyrocketing Your Opens, Clicks, And Sales!
A Masters Level Course In Email Education

– How to turn your simple monthly e-newsletter into a “cash cow” overnight.
– 281 billion emails are sent. per day! Use this proven 3-part “cookie system” to actually make your subscribers look for and anticipate your email!
– Why size doesn’t matter anymore. Only this one thing does.
– The “3 E’s” of a perfect email.
– Why you’d have to be a fool (or just hate money) to actually believe the “email marketing is dead” lie sold to you by chatbot companies.
– 3-second “hack” for increasing opens and building connection at the same time!
– How to effectively use segmentation and “tagging” to turn your business into a well-oiled machine without losing your mind!
– Why “what worked” in 2018 isn’t working as well now and what to do instead!
– The absolute must-know metrics if you want to make more money with email.
– The reason why nearly everyone is dead wrong about what’s causing spam.
– An actual step-by-step automation blueprint for making sales in your sleep. If you have an online business you need to be using this immediately!
– The 50/50 “spam formula” to finally getting out of the promotions tab.
– How to “predict” (with freaky accuracy) exactly what your customer wants to buy next that’ll massively increase your opens, clicks, and engagement!
– And the rest of Jimmy Kim’s 10-year “brain dump” of in-the-trenches advanced email marketing wisdom!

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