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[PREMIUM] The Barcelona Experiment – MindValley

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Sep 12, 2020

In 2016, Vishen Lakhiani decided to create a new model of university for his children, himself, and the world. This is the result of Vishen’s radical experiment to improve education.

Around International Film Festival

Best Cinematography, Around International Film Festival (ARFF) Barcelona January 2019

In This Documentary You’ll Explore:

  • The missing ingredient to online education — and how you can infuse this in your life studies for a better learning experience
  • How Mindvalley is attempting to revolutionize education so we can learn the skills that truly matter for success in life
  • The social science behind Mindvalley University: how some of the world’s leading experts crafted the most unique campus on Earth
  • Are you a ‘recall’ student? Several of the world’s top minds agree that this approach to education may be holding you back in your learning…
  • What traditional education got WRONG — plus what you can do to overcome this challenge in your own life
  • And much, much more…

How The Barcelona Experiment Came to Be

In 2016, Vishen Lakhiani had an extraordinary idea to challenge traditional education. To reshape how we approach education, for his children, for himself, and for the world. It is based on the radical concept that you don’t need to go to college for 4 years. Instead, you attend a university for one month a year, for the rest of your life. And you take your family with you. The Barcelona Experiment explores Year 1 of Mindvalley University, and the results of this radical new model of education.

Question Everything You Know About Education…

Should a person’s education ever end? Must learning be confined to a classroom or campus? What would happen if a tribe of passionate entrepreneurs, thinkers, parents, children, artists, scientists, philanthropists, and visionaries came together regularly to teach each other? These are some of the questions that inspired a team at Mindvalley to explore a daring new model for lifelong education: a dynamic campus, populated and nurtured by an intimate tribe of students and teachers, that moves to a different city each year. Filmed in the breathtaking city of Barcelona, this film documents the astonishing results of that experiment. And in the process, offers a captivating insight into what could be the future of education.

Featured Teachers & Visionaries

Mindvalley has partnered with the leading-edge experts to co-create the future of global education. Each of these featured teachers & visionaries are experts in their fields. From life skills like entrepreneurship and meditation to intuition and purpose, these leaders are tackling what’s broken in education so we can finally learn the skills & concepts that truly matter for success and happiness.

  • Vishen LakhianiFounder of Mindvalley
  • Lisa NicholsFounder of Motivating the Masses, Teacher in “The Secret”
  • Gelong ThubtenBuddhist Monk & Meditation Teacher
  • Sonia ChoquetteIntuition Expert and Best-Selling Author
  • Neale Donald WalshAuthor of the Conversations with God book series with 15 million copies sold
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