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[PREMIUM] Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping

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Oct 1, 2020

What is Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping?

It’s another course that will teach you how you can make money with Shopify Dropshipping!

What will you learn in Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Shopify Drop Shipping?

  • Set up your Shopify store in the most attractive and aesthetic way possible to instantly grab viewers attention and make them want to buy.
  • Find a competitive niche to sell trending and top grossing products.
  • Go over all the individual apps and how to set them up to create a sense of urgency on your website to convince people to buy now!
  • How to piggy back already selling products from other drop shippers.
  • How to edit products to make the appear professional (Pictures, Names, Descriptions, Pricing). This will drastically increase revenue if done correctly.


  • Appear as a professional well known company and get people to beg for your products. This is done across Instagram, website, and advertisements.
  • Learn how to organically get traffic to your store to make sales without promotions, this method also increases engagement on business Instagram account.
  • Create a captivating advertisement and AD copy to attract attention when promoting.
  • Find influencers with good engagements, contact them, and ensure you target the best audience.
  • Find out the best possible price to pay for influencers and, how to negotiate with them.
  • Increase order value by almost 20% with a trick discovered recently.
  • Full in depth Instagram marketing plan so that by your first month you’re already successful.
  • How to scale your business to go from $100/day to $1,000/day so and on.
  • Find a competitive niche to sell trending and top grossing products.

Course Curriculum:

What To Expect In This Course (4:47)
Introduction/Links (4:38)
My Story / Who I am. (6:40)
You Are NO Longer An Average Person (3:32)
The Entire Strategy Simplified (8:26)

Finding a Niche With Examples/Profitable Niches Provided (11:37)
Looking For A Market (3:16)
Going Through My Entire Website/Why It Converted So Well (9:38)

Products Overview
How To Source/Find Trending Products (6:24)
How To Import Products (2:18)
How To Price Products/Create Descriptions (6:30)
How To Add Reviews (4:04)

Going from 0 to 1k every step of the way
Finding A Golden Product/Basing A Niche Off It (9:24)
Importing Golden Product/Creating Description (12:30)
How To Find Competition/Quality Copyright FREE Images (5:11)
Creating A Beautiful Website PT 1 (17:04)
Creating A Beautiful Website PT2 (9:37)
Setting Up Apps And Pixel (5:51)
Creating Your Perfect Instagram That Will Peak Interest (4:17)
Creating An Attractive Ad (5:52)
Finding Influencers/Contacting Them (3:14)
Results (1:40)

Promotions and Starting To Drive Traffic To Your Store.
Presenting / Instagram Marketing (5:54)
How To Get Fake Followers/Fake Likes (4:38)
How To Find Influencers (5:09)
How To Avoid Saturation/How Much To Pay Influencers (7:49)
Everything You Need To Know About Creating Advertisements (13:13)

Instagram Marketing Tactic and Scaling.
My PERSONAL Up-sell Strategy (Never Seen Before) (4:01)
How To Make Sales Organically – No Influencers OR Facebook Ads (4:08)

Instagram Marketing/Scaling Tactics
Marketing Strategy (5:11)

Twitter Advertisement
Complete Twitter Overview/How to Start Advertising (12:34)
A Perfect Twitter AD Explained. (3:49)
Extra Documents and Tricks
Going Over Launch Checklist (6:04)
Launch Checklist
Instagram Marketing PDF

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